Mobile batteries for fast recharging

Charge e-vehicles everywhere with Nomad – even whilst driving.

Electric vehicles can now be charged everywhere within about 20 minutes. The mobile batteries from Nomadic Power are fast chargers for established standards such as CCS or CHAdeMO. Nomadic Power is thus setting up a fast recharging service for ‘charging e-vehicles everywhere’.

You cannot charge your e-vehicle at a charging station or from an electric socket? No problem: have it charged for you – with Nomadic Power’s Fast Recharging Service. The service will soon be available at our customers’ company car parks and as a roadside assistance service on motorways and other main roads.

In a further step, you will be able to rent and attach a Nomad battery for your long-distance drive. You will thus have unlimited range available for the first time, for all your journeys by e-vehicle.

Charging Everywhere

The "Charging Everywhere Service" from Nomadic Power allows the recharging of e-vehicles even where a stationary charging infrastructure is not available or would cost an unreasonable amount. Nomadic Power will be setting up a service to bring a mobile battery (docked on a towing vehicle) for the vehicles in need of recharging. The service will initially be provided for our customers’ (employee) car parks.
Nomadic Power’s Fast Recharging Service allows speedy continuation of your journey if you find yourself with an empty battery – by fast charging the traction battery directly at the breakdown location. You can therefore continue driving without the need for inconvenient and time-consuming towing to the next charging station. This service will be set up in collaboration with breakdown service partners.
Nomadic Power will in future provide mobile Nomad batteries along important motorways. You will be able to rent a Nomad battery for a long-distance journey at any time and hitch it to your e-vehicle, extending the range by up to 400 km. If you want to drive farther, simply change the Nomad battery at another rental station. You return the Nomad battery when you reach your destination area – and complete the drive to your final destination using your fully charged vehicle battery. In this way you can travel everywhere with your e-vehicle and simply forget range restrictions.


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